Human beings want to be connected. I know that I thirst for information and I want it now, and thanks to the Internet, I can have that information now. As a member of a digital society, I am learning that all of this is a privilege and a challenge. The facts that I can’t ignore, are that there are dangers in this digital world that can come in to my home and my workplace– cybercrime, ransomware, phishing, spam, cyberbullying, fraud, spyware/malware, and more. As a consumer, I not only want information right now, I’m even willing to resign to give up fundamental aspects of my privacy and security for convenience in using my phone and computer.


“…willing to resign to give up fundamental aspects of my privacy and security for convenience…”




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A lot of people in the privacy and security industry would suggest that we be very afraid of the constant surveillance opportunities with technology, and that we should be worried that U.S. Congress is not doing much to protect the gathering and selling of our personal information online. A lot of people believe that our country mistrusts our government and trusts corporations more. We read about these stories and hear about it from our neighbors and coworkers, all of the time. So is this reason enough to be paranoid, to be scared?

The truth is that most privacy and security experts aren’t necessarily paranoid, or scared. That’s not because we have had special training on cybersecurity practices, not because we have all of the best technology tools to protect ourselves and our families, and not because we have higher education or anything like this. We don’t have any secret skills and we also make the same compromises most folks do. We shop online, we pay bills and bank online, we use credit cards online, we use social media, and we use email every day.  The reason we aren’t as paranoid or scared is because we generally have a better understanding of the compromises we are doing and we make those compromises knowingly. We’ve also come to terms with using mediums that we realize is characteristically not secure, like email and some popular social media platforms.

I hope to walk you through a journey here at, that encourages you to not be afraid, to not be paranoid, and to gain a better understanding of your own compromises. I want you, your family, and your business, to live in freedom. As Paul tells us in Galatians 5:1, “So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.” Relax, breath with me, and come back for more blog entries soon!


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