About Private and Free

I believe I have a different approach to maintaining smart and easy privacy and security best practices. I want to encourage you along this path, so that you wont be tempted to give in to fear or paranoia. I know when I am operating out of fear, I make rash decisions, rush around like a crazy person, exaggerate the situation, and tend to expect the absolute worse. Fear can be an ugly emotion that changes our relationships with others, forces us to hide our true self from the world, and chains us to stress. I believe we can all learn how to protect ourselves in ways that are not based on fear or are just reactionary. I believe in being curious, inquisitive, and in learning from cautionary tales and other’s failures. However, I do not believe in judging or criticizing those that have made mistakes, or made poor privacy or security choices (according to media or laws). I believe we all can be safe online, at home, at work, and still feel relaxed and free. 

At privateandfree.co you will find my blog which highlights some of these best practices and my opinions. I also hope to add more products and services in 2019, so please check back often.

Thanks for checking this site out and I hope you are encouraged, enlightened, and inspired to be both private and free!

About Me    

My name is Michael Wildsmith. I have worked in I.T. for over 21 years in various roles, and over 14 years in healthcare, as a HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer. I obtained my Bachelors degree in Business Management Information Systems, and later obtained my MBA degree. I am a member of several professional healthcare organizations. I have been a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCO) since 2017. And yes, this is little me, catching probably what was, my very first fish. 


Fun Facts:  I enjoy my family, cooking, Star Wars, comic book movies, and other nerdy things. I also love Jesus, and on my blog I will be talking about Him and my faith often. After all, what He did for us, is what allows us to truly live free and live boldly without fear. Just so you know, I don’t fish very often these days 🙂